Drying Seed

It's almost November and Beardsley Community Farm's yarrow, tansy, purple coneflower and black-eyed Susans are still going strong (gotta love Tennessee weather). Unfortunately, our marigolds and sunflowers have seen better days and are on their way out of the soil and into our (now empty) greenhouse - there they'll dry. Once dried, we'll then extract their seed for planting next year.


Bean Harvest

After a bit of a late start, our heirloom and heritage breed beans finally dried so that we could harvest. Here they are - the fruits of our labor (an patience), a beautiful hodgepodge.


Mornings on the Farm

Before the stress of the day sets in, I've taken up surveying the half-acre around Beardsley's barn.  It's extremely peaceful and allows me time to reflect as well as helps me notice the slight progressions of the season. This morning, collards glazed in dew, aging bird house gourds, and a luffa blossom, still furled from the night before, were particularly eye-catching.


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